Notice of Service Name Change and Revised Terms of Use

Notice of Service Name Change and Revised Terms of Use

We would like to inform you that effective July 9, 2024, the service name and service logo of "ChatWidgetGPT" will be changed to "AskDona"
This website will no longer be operational after July 9, 2024.

Please visit :


Unleash the Power of ChatBots

Say goodbye to tedious updates, and hello to automation.

You just need one code to start gen AI powered chatbot :)

About ChatWidgetGPT

ChatGPT-powered customer support

ChatWidgetGPT is secure, easy to implement, and intelligent.
ChatWidgetGPT is a chatbot that eliminates the need for the creation of FAQs and scenarios. All you need is to embed a single code to start getting highly accurate and responsive answers - with the help of Gen AI technology.

Easily train and import your customized chatbots onto your website within minutes!

The difference from conventional chatbots

Our chatbot delivers appropriate, accurate responses directly to users.

Unlike conventional chatbots, ChatWidgetGPT gives your customers all the necessary information they’re looking for.

Highly accurate responses

Our commitment to high response accuracy is backed by the power of data science. It goes beyond a one-size-fits-all API approach.

We understand that processing and formatting data, be it from PDFs, Word, or Excel, is crucial for ensuring the accuracy of Gen-AI.

With ChatWidgetGPT, we elevate response accuracy using advanced data processing techniques developed by our team of data scientists.

Super fast solutions

By empowering our chatbot with your company's proprietary information, we deliver swift and tailored responses to user queries.

ChatWidgetGPT intelligently seeks clarification when faced with ambiguous questions, ensuring users promptly receive the specific information they need.

Our chatbot doesn't rely on general knowledge like ChatGPT. It adapts dynamically based on the data source, whether it's internal documents or external materials.

High versatility

Generative AI chatbots redefine versatility, outperforming traditional counterparts on multiple fronts.

Beyond flexible adjustments to prompts, welcome messages, language tone, and character count, we seamlessly offer automatic translation into over 100 languages.

Imagine a scenario where your data source is exclusively in Japanese; with ChatWidgetGPT, you harness the full advantage of responding in multiple languages when questions are posed in diverse linguistic contexts.

A secure environment
Safely leverage generative AI while minimizing the risk of confidential information leakage.

We employ data storage and access methods that ensure companies can use generative AI chatbots with confidence and peace of mind.

Exclusive document management
Effortless in-house document management

We provide an admin interface so you can easily review and organize documents that define your chatbot’s responses.

Universally adaptable, fully customizable.

Our chatbot can be fully customized and tailored to suit your needs and the audiences you cater to.

Precision in data-heavy environments.

ChatWidgetGPT can handle any file volume - streamlining search processes through databases, and improving business efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to implement ChatWidgetGPT?
It only takes 5 easy steps.

1. Set up a meeting with our specialists.
2. Payment
3. Upload your documents to be used as your answer data source.
4. Customize your design.
5. Embed the code on your website.
Please tell me about the lead acquisition function.
ChatWidgetGPT's lead acquisition function is a feature where AI conducts pre-screening based on the chat content and sends it to the sales team if it determines there is a purchasing intention. For more details, please inquire further.
Please tell me about multilingual support.
Even if the uploaded documents are written only in Japanese, the chatbot can respond in any language in which questions are asked. It supports over 100 languages, including English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, and other major languages.
Do you have any questions?

You can schedule a 30-minute video meeting with a ChatWidgetGPT specialist.

Next-generation chatbot, ChatWidgetGPT

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